Friday, November 20, 2009

Laughlin Golf - Highly Underrated

Wow! this place is a sparkling hidden gem of golf and gambling destinations! The city is located about 60 minutes south of Las Vegas, and is located on the banks of the mighty Colorado River. Laughlin is yet to be discovered in the golf travel world, and I don't know why. Its very close to a major city, it has its own airport which services 747 jets from international airports across the country, the hotels and casinos are top-notch, plus stunning desert scenery, and oh yeah.....the golf is pretty darn good as well. Laughlin Nevada is one heck of a nice golf destination, that most people have never heard of.

You can visit for golf course information, photography of the courses, and see for yourself how good it is, plus you can easily book golf package or tee time all in one spot.

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