Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Aquarius Hotel - Swanky Laughlin Rooms

I have been on plenty of golf trips expecting to have no worries about anything for the entire trip, only to check into my room and be utterly apalled at what I was supposed to sleep on and relax in for the entire trip. Its such a bummer to have a crappy room, even on a guys trip, where you don't really spend much time in the room, and don't even think you can get away with something like this if you have your wife or girlfriend with you. Not gonna' fly with the ladies and dingy, stinky old rooms.

On a recent stay in Laughlin, I quickly and easily checked into the Aquarius Hotel and Casino, a 1600 room resort style property boasting the "Best Rooms in Laughlin" and located right on the water of the Colorado River. I have been to other Nevada golf destinations that claim to have the "Best Rooms", and found out that maybe they were in 1980, but not in 2009.

To my pleasant surprise the 400 square foot  "River View" room on the 12th floor was absolutely stunning. It was sleek and swanky, with clean lines, and soothing colors. Bright white linens were perfectly crafted on the fluffy, pillow topped bed just begging me to relax upon. To my complete thankfulness there was no trace of a cigarette, cigar, or mildew anywhere in the aroma of this nicely updated, or remodeled room. The 42 inch flat screen made the room even more enjoyable as the TV is a good indicator as to the age of the room.The bathroom was completely remodeled as well, with granite counter tops, new fixtures, and above average towels and toiletries stocked neatly on the counter.

 The spacious, comfortable, swanky rooms at the Aquarius are perhaps my favorite in Laughlin, they are just roomy, and give me the feeling of enjoyment and that I can actually get a good nights rest, have a ton of fun, and play some great golf!

You can easily book a room at the Aquarius Hotel Casino in a golf package by logging on to

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